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Essential Oil Bottle Opener - Max & Otis Designs

Essential Oil Bottle Opener

$8.99 $18.99

Brand: Mudder


  • 3 Pieces metal essential oil bottle key opener in 3 colors with key rings are good gift for family, friends or colleagues who use oils
  • U-shaped cutout and circle design essential oil tool makes it suitable to remove and place back roller balls and caps on various sizes bottles
  • Made of sturdy aluminum metal and with accurate holes on it to insert orifice and roller caps for easy operations
  • Convenient and effective: no need to use your teeth, fingernails or other tools to remove roller balls or caps, reduce spill of oil
  • Light and portable: every key opener is equipped with a key ring

Mudder metal essential oil key tool opener, 3 pieces

Work with most essential oil bottles including:
1 ml/ 2 ml sample vials
3 ml/ 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 15 ml/ 30 ml essential oil standard caps
3 ml/ 5 ml/ 10 ml roller balls

About the product:
Also suitable for replacing orifice and roller bottle caps without damage.
Elaborate and precise design of beveled u-shaped cutout to remove top and circle cutouts to place back on bottles for removing caps.
Simple operation through positioning the correct hole over the bottle cap and pull gently to remove the bottle roller balls and caps.
It can also be utilized to reseal the oil bottles by applying downward pressure after filling with the 3 circle holes.
Convenient to use since there is no need to use your teeth, knives, fingernails, or other tools to remove or reseal the oil bottles.
Make sure there is no waste drop of the essential oil when you are creating your own oil blends or using a roller ball to apply your essential oils.

Product parameters:
Color: purple, silver, blue
Size: 2.4 x 1.5 x 0.08 inches
Key ring diameter: 0.78 inches

Package includes:
3 x Essential oil bottle opener
3 x Key ring

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