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ANNOUNCEMENT - Finished Magnet option will be phased out.

Lunchbox Magnets
It's been a crazy few years with our PlanetBox Printable Lunchbox Magnets.  It started out as an idea from a friend after I told her I designed Printables.  She asked if I could design magnets for her PlanetBox and I said sure!  I made a few sets for her kids and they were a hit and grew fro there.
We now have over 180 designs for PlanetBox Rover, as well as 20 designs for the PlanetBox Launch and 30 designs for the PlanetBox Shuttle.  The downside is that all of that magnet producing has wrecked my wrist.
With much apologies, we will be phasing out the Finished Magnet option on the Lunchbox Printables within the next couple of weeks. 
Digital Downloads will still be available for you to print and cut your own. See the FAQs for helpful hints on how to use our Digital Downloads.
I will also be exploring other options on getting the magnets produced but in the meantime, I will be taking a much needed break to let my hand and wrist heal.
Happy lunch packing!

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