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Lunchbox Magnet FAQs


How to use PRINTABLE PDF option?

  • Printable magnet design can be personalized with your own name in an editable PDF download.
  • You may print as many as you need.
  • PDF download includes 4 images on an 8.5 x 11 sized sheet designed for PlanetBox.
  • Print directly to printable inkjet magnet sheets on your home computer.  
  • Cut out the magnets with a scissors and apply to your PlanetBox.

What does the FINISHED MAGNET option include?

  • Order the finished magnets for an additional cost plus shipping.
  • Finished magnets include one set of 4 magnets, printed, cut and sealed on inkjet magnet paper.
  • The PDF file is also included with your purchase for reprinting your own magnets if needed.
  • Order Additional Personalized Name magnet(s) so your kids can share designs.
  • Magnets are finished with a clear acrylic sealer for water-resistance.
  • These magnets are thinner than original PlanetBox magnets but are sturdy and will stick to your PlanetBox securely.

How to care for your magnets?

  • Be gentle when removing the magnets before washing your lunch box. 
  • If magnets get wet, allow to dry flat on a magnetic surface (such as a refrigerator).
  • If magnets begin to curl, simply roll in opposite direction to flatten out.
  • Store magnets flat on a magnetic surface (like the fridge or dishwasher).
  • To make your magnets water-resistant, apply a clear sealer after printing and cutting. We like Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge or Krylon Clear Acrylic Spray. Clear Con-Tac Paper or even clear nail polish will work if you're just making one set.

What are some Helpful Hints for Printable PDF magnet option?


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