About us

 Max & Otis Designs was named after 2 mini chihuahuas that belonged to my sister.  Sadly, they passed away in 2013 but their names live on.

Max & Otis Designs has undergone several iterations over the years.  What started in 2001 as a place to sell my handcrafted items starting with glycerin soap. It evolved into custom onesie designs a few years later with a boom in friends and family having babies. There were also baby shoes (lots of glitter!) and burp cloths and other fun, crafty items. 

The company evolved again with the Popcorn Cupcake Wrapper which became the first downloadable item in the shop thanks to my neighbor throwing a movie-themed party for her daughter.  I uploaded it to my shop and then design requests started coming in for invitations, sports certificates and Girl Scouts leading to even more printables.

Then the bento lunch box craze started and requests started coming in for custom PlanetBox magnets and Yumbox inserts as well as other lunch boxes.

Now, Max & Otis Designs is still designing but in a wider variety of ways than we ever imagined to help our customers throw a great party or give a personalized gift.

I still craft and make a lot of cute stuff to give to friends and family. Since they are all made by hand and only in limited quantities, most things don't end up in my shop but you can see my handiwork if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you need anything just send us an email to inquire and we'll get back to you right away.

Thanks for shopping!

Max & Otis

Max & Otis

PS. We use graphics & fonts from a variety of sources with commercial license. For more information see below:


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