Some nice things our customers have to say about us!

  • Your service was fantastic and product was great! Totally served the purpose for what I bought it for! I used the eyes to help me make a cake for my sons birthday and to also make some ninja balloons! We had one very happy little boy! ~ Kristie 
  • This is wonderful! Thank you so much!!! ~ Lynette
  • AMAZING!!! Thank you so much! ~ Kirsten
  • Love it ! Thank you  ~ Maya
  • Thank you very much! You had exactly what I was looking for and it has worked out great! ~Brandon
  • Great. Thanks. I found the document so easy to use- just as feedback. ~
  • Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding download I received from you. They were perfect for my 8 year old's Ninjago birthday pinatas. :) He is a stickler for details and to have the right eyes on the right color Ninjago was awesome.  ~ Valerie
  • Love the designs for the 5 ml roller bottles.  I'm using them for a make n take today. ~ Sue
  • I love the design and the user friendly editing. ~ Ummie

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