PDF Download FAQs

How do I Download my digital file?

  • Once you check out a Download button will appear on your Confirmation page in your browser..
  • You will receive a Confirmation email.  Click on View Your Order to see your order summary and a Download button.
  • You will also receive an email with Download links for your digital purchases indicating your Downloads are ready.
  • If you purchased a custom or personalized digital item, we will email your product within 1 to 2 business days.

How do I edit my PDF?

  • Editable PDFs are designed for a computer , not mobile devices.
  • Be sure your PDF is open in a  PDF reader like Adobe Reader and not a web browser.  
  • If you are using a Mac, be sure to use Adobe Reader, Apple Preview is NOT compatible with editable PDFs.
  • Do not use Adobe Reader Touch.  It is not compatible with editing Font Properties at this time.  You can use Adobe Reader Touch for our non-editable PDFs only.
  • Edits other than text are not permitted.  Custom PDFs are available upon request at an additional charge.

How do I change the font?

  • If your PDF has changeable font properties, use CTRL-E (CMD-E on Mac) to see the Font Properties box.  Highlight the text and change the font, size, color, alignment, spacing, etc by selecting your options in the Font Properties box.
  • If you see a "+" sign at the end of your text it means your font is too large. Reduce the size until the "+" sign disappears.

How do I save the font?

  • Be sure your PDF is open in a  PDF reader like Adobe Reader and not a web browser when editing so it will save upon closing the file.  Web browsers will not save any of the changes you make.

How many copies can I print?

  • You can print as many copies as you need but please don't post them online or share them with others.
  • Our PDF files are for personal use only and not for resale.

Why are my labels/stickers/tags not lining up properly?

  • Be sure to print at 100% and not Scale to Fit or Fit to Page.
  • If things are still not lining up, send an email and we'll fix it for you.

What if I only want to print a few tags or labels?

  • You do not need to print on the labels or tags they are formatted for.  
  • You can print on regular paper (see below for paper recommendations) and cut out the tag/sticker/or label with scissors.
  • Apply with clear tape or glue as needed to adhere to your surface. 

What kind of paper should I print on?

  • We recommend Epson or Brother bright white presentation paper for the sharpest colors but any Bright White Ink Jet Paper will work well.
  • Be sure to use the settings recommended for your printer.  

How do I print my iron-on transfer mirrored?

  • Check your Advanced Settings on your printer and select Mirror or Reverse.  
  • Some HP Printers do not have the Mirror option.  If your printer cannot do Mirror, send an email and we can send you a mirrored PDF to print.
  • Mirrored printing is not typically required for Dark Transfer paper. Please refer to your transfer paper instructions.

Do I need a password?

  • No password is needed if you use  Adobe Reader or another PDF reader.
  • Our Printables are not designed to be modified except for the Highlighted Fields that can be edited with text.
  • If you need changes to the Printable you can request a Custom Design by sending an email to us.
  • Some Print Providers (Staples, FedEx Office, Office Depot, etc.) require Permission from Max & Otis Designs before they will print.  You may download a Permission Letter here.

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