Yumbox Laminate Insert FAQs

How does the Yumbox Laminated Insert work?

  • The laminated insert is a flat image that goes between the Yumbox case and the CLEAR tray insert.
  • The image is designed to fit the Yumbox original 4-compartment or 6-compartment. It is not designed for the new Tapas size.

How to use PRINTABLE insert option?

  • Printable laminated insert design can be personalized with your own name in an editable PDF download.
  • PDF download includes one image and laminating instructions.
  • You may print as many as you need.

What are some Helpful Hints for Printable PDF Insert option?

  • We recommend bright white inkjet paper for the best color and sharpness.
  • Cut out the image using the instructions included in your download.
  • Laminate your insert at home or at a copy shop.  Be sure to center the image in an 8.5 x11 laminating sheet and use the instruction template to cut it out.
  • See more helpful hints about editable PDF files here.

What does the FINISHED INSERT option include?

  • Order the finished insert for an additional cost plus shipping.
  • Finished Insert includes one design, personalized (if specified), cut and laminated to fit the Yumbox.
  • The PDF file is also included with your purchase for reprinting your own inserts if needed.

How to care for your insert?

  • Finished Inserts by Max & Otis are heat-laminated and can be cleaned in the top-rack of dishwasher or wiped down with soap and water.

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