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Girl Scout Junior Printable Bronze Award Folder Cover (editable PDF)

Bronze Award Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Bronze Award Printable Folder Cover
My Girl Scout Troop is starting their Bronze Award project. I gave each girl a folder with the Bronze Award information package in it and a time log sheet. They decorated their Bronze Award Printable Folder Cover at our first meeting to kick off the project.
The girls can keep all of their Bronze Award paperwork in it. So far all we've done is Step 1, which is complete a journey. We did the Get Moving Journey and the Agent of Change Journey although not all girls completed both.  I printed out a Journey evaluation sheet based on the questions in Step 1 and had each girl complete it and insert the page into their folder. 
When it is time to complete the Final Report, they will have those answers ready to type in on their own.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the girls come up with as their project!
The Bronze Award Printable Folder Cover is available in the shop.

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