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Essential Oil Mini Roller Kits - new in the shop!

Mini Essential Oil Roller Bottle Kit
We have recently discovered Essential Oils!  It's so much fun!  I love smelling the oils and making my own essential oil rollers.  I loved them so much I was carrying around all of my 10 ml oller bottles  and my purse was SO heavy that my shoulder couldn't take it anymore.  
The solution was using smaller 3 ml rollers, but I needed something to carry them in and thus was born the Essential Oil Mini Roller Kit!
It holds five 3 ml roller bottles in a box the size of an Altoids tin.  It's awesome!  Now I have a set of oils in my car, my purse, my gym bag. I even made sets for my kid to have in her room and her backpack for school so she can oil herself up if need be (don't worry, she knows all the precautions and how to use them).
This kt comes with the tin box, 5 glass amber bottles with metal roller balls and 6 waterproof vinyl labels.  It also includes a digital download of our Editable Printable PDF 3 mL Roller Bottle Labels so you can have the cute labels as shown in the photo (if your handwriting is too messy for the blank labels).
We're so excited we're offering 20% off the Kit with the code: EOPocketKit so you can get one (or more!) for yourself and your friends so you can share the love of oils.

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